• Swine Country

     by Ryan Hughes I’ve traveled to, and hunted in, some of the most incredible states of the west, but California has remained the apple of my eye for my entire life because of the tremendous outdoor opportunities that it presents to its residents. Even if you’re not a resident, you still have access to these […]

  • Wonrate Gear Spring Turkey Essentials

    Spring turkey season is sneaking up on us, and you’re going to need the right gear if you are really planning on hitting the ground running. For me, Wonrate Gear provides a kit fit for any turkey hunter – whether you are a true weekend warrior or an after-school-special kind of guy. Doesn’t matter if […]

  • Processing Your Own Game Meat: An Investment Worth Making

    Any hunter worth his or her salt doesn’t hunt solely for the enjoyment of the pursuit. Though that is a value that is widespread among us, it is certainly outweighed by the value placed on procuring meat on our own terms. But killing the animal is only one small step of harvesting it – there […]

  • The 4 Pairs of Boots Every Hunter Needs

    For any serious hunter, boots are a lot like golf clubs — there is one for every occasion. Personally, my hunting season never really ends. The early season begins with Northern California blacktails in unbarably hot temperatures, continuing to out of state trips in anything from warm to subzero temps. After that, my winters are […]

  • Welcome to the Wonrate Gear Blog

    Hello, and welcome to the new Wonrate Gear Blog. Our goal is to both start a conversation as well as spread news, information, and advice, to the hunting community. Not only is this a method for us to communicate with you, but it is going to be an avenue for you to communicate with Wonrate […]