• Wonrate Gear Spring Turkey Essentials

    Spring turkey season is sneaking up on us, and you’re going to need the right gear if you are really planning on hitting the ground running. For me, Wonrate Gear provides a kit fit for any turkey hunter – whether you are a true weekend warrior or an after-school-special kind of guy. Doesn’t matter if you throw a grass-stained shirt and pants in your truck, or if you have a fresh pressed set in your closet, here are the reasons behind why you can’t go wrong with a kit from Wonrate Gear.

    The Demand Pants

    Possibly the perfect Spring turkey pants for a few reasons. Reason one being their rugged waterproof front panels. Over here in California, an early Spring morning is often quite wet, either from morning dew or from the night’s rain. The front of the Demand pants does a great job of both keeping me extremely dry, even when sitting down, along with keeping me both warm and ventilated. The bottom line is that they will regulate my temperature in the wide ranges of climates that Spring will often throw at me. In addition, I want to point out all the excellent pockets on these pants. The side cargo pockets on the legs are perfect for any turkey calls you might have on hand – box calls, mouth calls, slates, whatever it is you use. You can even throw some shells in there without them flopping around and feeling awkward.

    The Demand Shirt

    Another keystone piece of turkey hunting gear, the Demand shirt is as simple and effective as they come. The material keeps me warm and wicks any moisture. If it’s a little wet out, the exterior of the shirts keeps my skin dry due to its water resistant properties. It’s not easy to find a shirt that will keep you cool in the heat, dry and warm when it’s wet out, but also breathes well, but this one fits all of that criteria to the T.

    The Demand Half-zip

    This is the best option to wear either as a stand alone layer on a warm and sunny day, or a layer to wear over your Demand long-sleeve shirt, on a cold day. It’s essentially made from the same material as the Demand long-sleeve, but has the advantage of including a collar, a chest pocket, and a terrific zipper that goes halfway down the front of the shirt, making it perfect for expelling heat. The chest pocket is a great edition for turkey hunting because it allows me to keep all my mouth calls on hand, while throwing my box call in my pants cargo pocket.

    The Wonrate Vayel Pattern

    The one thing that all these pieces of gear have in common is the Wonrate Vayel camouflage pattern. If you aren’t dressing down in full camouflage when you hunt turkeys, then you’re not killing as many as you could be. I’d hate to toot my own horn, but I consider myself a pretty good turkey hunter, or atleast a guy who’s tricked a few in my day. The Wonrate pattern is second to none – I’ve seen it trick game animals all over the country, but turkeys have some pretty keen eyes on them. And this pattern does a darn good job at keeping me concealed when stalking in or calling them in.


    -Ryan Hughes


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  • Joel
    3 March 2018

    Just so everyone is aware Ryan Hughes isn’t just a great writer, but also an avid gear enthusiast. It gives me great confidence having his insights about our clothing. He is an important part of the Wonrate Team. I’m grateful to have him on board.
    To be honest, during my life growing up hunting in Nevada, turkey hunting wasn’t real big. But after reading this, I now have a more clear realization as to the benefits our gear can provide to the hardcore turkey hunter, in the field.

  • John Wisener
    3 March 2018

    I’ve had great success hunting spring turkeys in my Wonrate gear. Spot and stalk or blind hunting, it doesn’t matter. My gear gets it done! At Fourtrack Hunting Adventures we take our turkey hunting very seriously and count on only the best gear to get it done! Get it done in Wonrate!