Mimic the environment & blend-in

WONRATEs camo pattern has received a Patent for Design from the USPTO. It’s proven to be unlike any other camo pattern on the market today.

There are thousands upon thousands of camouflage patterns flooding the market today, Time and time again we hear the same sales pitch from brands, pushing their camouflage with claims to be better than the rest at the same time, long standing well established camouflage companies hold strong to their agendas for design and rarely stray far from their brand’s identity.

This in turn creates a melting pot of new semi-different camo patterns. All of which push to stand out, but stand out they do not. Some companies use the same one or two principles of concealment while others create new patterns, which time and again fail to be different.

When picking and choosing concealment techniques, many brands stick to what they know best. Often the brands may be solely focused on one concept of concealment such as breaking up one’s silhouette. 

Some brands’ camo patterns attempt to use counter shading to create an illusion of “depth,” or the appearance of what is called a “false shadowing effect.”


We believe inadvertently some camo brands get hyper-focused exclusively on the concept of “micro vs. macro patterns,” while others will collectively focus on fractal art, or “disruptive colorization.” Still other brands will rely solely on their own concepts, some of which claim to achieve “coincidental eye-confusion” using a backdrop and various distinctive patterns of repeat.

And lastly, all in the name of science, there are those brands that claim, “complete invisibility.’ Many of these companies utilize a variation of what is known as digital camouflage or a pattern closely related to it.

The Wonrate Difference

At WONRATE GEAR we don’t claim to make you invisible. We understand that wind, movement, and cover are all essential parts of the game. But, we are highly aware of all the factors needed when it comes to concealment methods. Our unique camouflage designs and techniques have changed the way concealment principles are achieved; by promoting the use of waveforms we have engineered textures never before seen. The repetitive patterns produced, promote an almost natural camouflage that mimics nature. The illusion of depth is achieved by overlaying eight layers of color. The repetitive nature of waveforms creates a pattern of repeat that disrupts the human outline, creates a false shadowing effect, and confuses the eye.


WONRATE GEAR’s innovative camo pattern performed solidly in all areas of deception. For the past three years we have scoured endless landscapes to make sure of this. We have literally put our heart and soul into this brand and it’s identity.