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    Hello, and welcome to the new Wonrate Gear Blog. Our goal is to both start a conversation as well as spread news, information, and advice, to the hunting community. Not only is this a method for us to communicate with you, but it is going to be an avenue for you to communicate with Wonrate Gear. We welcome any comments, questions, concerns, and contributions of ideas and content.

    Articles and media updates will be posted bi-weekly. We will produce informative and interesting articles and stories accompanied by captivating photography and video. In addition, we also invite you to send us your photos, videos, stories, and writing as well. Just as Wonrate Gear is based on the value of the bonds formed by hunting, we hope that you will join us by the fire and share your thoughts and experiences. If your content fits in with our blog, then you are sure to see it on the website of your favorite camouflage — Wonrate Gear.

    I welcome you to the Wonrate Gear Blog, and I hope that you will read, watch, share, write, and comment!


    Ryan Hughes

    Wonrate Gear Blog Editor

    Please send contributions and inquiries to rphughes95@hotmail.com with the subject WONRATE BLOG


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1 Comment
  • Bailey Blackstock
    22 December 2017

    I’m Bailey Blackstock I go to school in Moscow, Idaho at the University of Idaho and I love this gear! Even when I’m just wearing a simple Wonrate Ballcap I have people asking me where I got it so I direct them to this website and they are never let down. Keep up the good work Wonrate!