The Wonrate Story

      At times, inspiration may be found in the most unlikely of places. Wonrate Gear was born from a set of core values. Family, sustenance, and a love of hunting are several components of the Wonrate brand that make it unique from anything out there. These are values that most every hunter shares and identifies with, which is why we use them as the foundation for the Wonrate Gear business model.

      With rugged, reliable, and technical gear, being brought to hunters at a realistic price, Wonrate Gear is more than a company – it is a concept that came from the heart. Founder and Owner of Wonrate gear, Joel Williams, found his inspiration for both Wonrate, as well as the Wonrate camouflage pattern, in his young daughter, Vayel. As Williams first saw Vayel’s electrocardiogram (EKG) waves on the hospital heart beat monitor, three years ago, he immediately received the inspiration for one of his life’s most influential pursuits – the creation of Wonrate Gear. Williams soon became hyperfocused on the creation of Wonrate gear.
      Joel Williams remembers a childhood spent toting a Winchester 4-10 in chukar country. His older brothers and he had been brought up by a father who did all he could to show them the value of hunting. This represents some of the most prominent values of Wonrate Gear – tradition and independence. Hunting became a way of life for Williams and his brothers. Alongside the journey of being a star athlete on the football field, Williams had a passion for hunting that was deeply engrained in his heart, mind, and family tree. While bearing this passion, Williams had continued his pursuit of football, which led him to many different roads in his life – such as playing for Dixie State University and someday falling in love with his wife, Ashely, from Fallon, Nevada.
      Though hard work and dedication created Wonrate Gear, we recognize that in many instances, family can be the difference between a success and a failure. Founder Joel Williams gives much credit to his grandmother, Katie Knudsen. All his life, Joel has seen incredible support from her. His grandmother drove to each and every high school football game, no matter how far away. She would drive hours to watch him play, despite time of day or circumstances. When Williams initially decided to build Wonrate Gear, his Grandmother lent him to money to do so without batting an eye – she believed in Wonrate and she believed in him. Katie is considered one of the most crucial members of the Wonrate team.
      When looking back at his life, Williams realizes exactly why he created Wonrate Gear – because of the challenges and opportunities that hunting has given him. Much like football, Williams recognizes the crucial aspects involved, such as practice, preparation, planning, teamwork, the taste of victory, and the sting of defeat. Williams created Wonrate Gear to give the hunter every advantage possible, making him or her ready for any physical or mental challenge along the way, and transforming them into the most effective predator on the mountain.
      At Wonrate Gear, we remember our origins – where we come from and why we do what we do. That is why we commit ourselves to reflecting the core values and beliefs of our company and community. The Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs is an organization that we sponsor and show tremendous support for. They are an organization that helps folks in wheelchairs by taking them on hunting trips, in an effort to overcome the extreme adversity which those people face. We understand the heart that it takes to face such challenges, and we find that it is an organization we can identify very closely with.
      The camouflage pattern utilized by Wonrate Gear is the product of late nights, hard work and a sense of dedication and ambition. The Wonrate Gear camouflage pattern is a collection of EKG waves overlaid upon each other and patterned to repeat over and over again. After extensive research of camouflage, we have developed a pattern that is extremely effective, unique, and meaningful. The macro pattern, created by natural heartbeat waves, uses shapes and colors found in nature. The pattern completely disrupts the human outline, and creates a false-shadowing effect that trick the eye.
      Just as the ground-breaking pattern was created, the gear that it would soon be displayed upon was crafted with the extreme hunter in mind. Wonrate Gear is a company for hunters and by hunters. Each piece of gear is carefully engineered to match the demands of modern hunters all over the world. Being a company based in Elko, Nevada, the Wonrate team is constantly confronted with opportunities to test the gear we create. Close to home, throughout the Western states, and even around the world, Wonrate Gear performs and thrives in a wide range of climates and environments. Our gear holds a standard of versatility, all while sending a message to those who are able to catch a glimpse of the hunter wearing it – I am a hunter who does not quit, no matter the adversity I may be faced with.
      “The physical exhaustion, the blood sweat and tears,  the demands of the hunt, and love of the outdoors are all essential elements which our brand WONRATEGEAR is built upon.”
-Joel Williams, owner and founder of WONRATEGEAR