Demand Series Half Zip T

The WONRATE GEAR™ DEMAND SERIES HALF ZIP T acts as a base and is as tough as an outer layer. Built using our ANTI-RIPNIT synthetic polyester, this technical shirt is extremely light weight, durable, and features a four-way elastic/spandex free mechanical stretch. The Demand Series 1/2 Zip T is treated with anti-Oder Technology and wicks moisture like nobody’s business. This shirt works great for the hot early season and mid to late seasons when layering is essential. Due to construction our ANTI-RIPNIT synthetic polyester “Knit fabric” will not rip or tear. You can be confident when trucking thru the scrub oak and desert grease wood. Moisture management is crucial when adventuring into the backcountry no matter the season. You can trust this layer to be there and dry when push comes to shove, and your unexpectedly curled around a fire, under a cold clear night sky.

Featuring a 12.5” long zipper dumping heat is easy, and with an over sized chest zippered pocket , you can carry your GPS, lighter for a fire, and extra batteries for your headlamp. We test our gear ourselves and we do the homework. This just might be your new lucky shirt. At Wonrate Gear™ we’ve paid close attention to those who’ve come before us and will continue to strive and raise the bar by offering quality outdoor gear at affordable prices.

• Reinforced thumb holes

• 12.5″ zipper

• 5″ x 5″ chest pocket

• Four-way mechanical stretch

• Moisture wicking

• Highly breathable

• 100% polyester construction

• Lightweight

• Quick Drying

• Odor Control


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Demand Series Half Zip T


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